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Fishing Information

There are few better pastimes than fly fishing for trout, and few better places for it than the fishing pools of Kingennie Fishings, near Dundee.

Kingennie Fishings, created and owned by former Scottish National Fly Fishing Champion Mike Forbes, is home to some of Scotland's most famous trout fishing pools and provides excellent fishing for experts and beginners alike, all year round. Whether you prefer fly fishing for trout, or fishing with bait, both are available on the four well-stocked fishing pools.

Kingennie has rainbow, blue and brown trout. Catches vary according to the season and pool, from fighting trout of 1lb to 'old and cunning' fish of up to 20lbs. Our pools have fishing piers on all four ponds. Stocking takes place weekly, and details of latest catches are available on the Kingennie Fishings Facebook page at

Kingennie Fishings attracts in the region of 10,000 anglers each year. The new facilities at Forbes of Kingennie, in Angus, near Dundee, will help more people enjoy the pleasures of trout fishing in Scotland whilst still maintaining the high standards set over the last twenty years.

Fishing lessons are available for adults and children. Please visit the tuition page of the web-site for further details.

Clubs, Corporate days and tuition are all welcome at Kingennie’s fishing pools. And for superlative fishing breaks and holidays in Scotland, look no further. Enjoy stunning self catering accommodation in our luxury lochside fishing lodges amid the rolling Angus countryside, and great hospitality and mouthwatering cuisine daily at our fully licensed Country House, which also features a fishing tackle shop, stocked with essential items including flies and leader material.

Forbes of Kingennie - fishing prices

Whether you’re fishing to a limit of catch and release, fishing prices at Forbes of Kingennie in Angus, near Dundee, are kept low, while quality is always high.

All children go free with one adult ticket.

Fly Fishing 


Stock size Average 2lb up to 15lb+

Catch and Release

  • £12.50 - 2 hours catch and release
  • £15.00 - 4 hours catch and release
  • £20.00 - 6 hours catch and release
  • £25.00 - 8 hours catch and release

Catch and Kill 

  • £23.50 – 2 fish, 2 hours
  • £26.00 - 2 fish, 4 hours
  • £31.00 - 2 fish, 6 hours
  • £36.00 - 2 fish, 8 hours
  • £29.00 - 3 fish, 2 hours
  • £31.50 - 3 fish 4 hours
  • £36.50 - 3 fish, 6 hours
  • £41.50 - 3 fish, 8 hours
  • £34.50 - 4 fish 2 hours
  • £37.00 – 4 fish, 4 hours
  • £42.50 – 4 fish, 6 hours
  • £44.50 - 4 fish, 8 hours


Bait Fishing


Any legal method with no catch and release. Stock size Average 2lb.

  • £17.50 - 2 fish
  • £21.50 - 3 fish
  • £26.50 - 4 fish
  • £30.00 - 5 fish

All Woodside Pool rates are based on a 6 hour permit.




Fishing Seasons at Kingennie

Kingennie Fishings, in Angus, near Dundee, are open all year round.

The salmon fishing season in Scotland varies by district. For our district in Angus it is from 15 January until 31 October, but as there are sometimes regional variations to this, depending on the time of your visit we may be able to arrange fishing for you outwith our normal ‘jurisdiction’.

The brown trout fishing season is from 15 March until 6 October. There is no closed season for rainbow trout as they are not an indigenous species to the United Kingdom and they can be fished for all year round.

A number of commercial fisheries, including Kingennie Fishings, near Dundee, are now staying open over the winter months and rainbow trout fishing can be found throughout the year, weather permitting.

There is no national rod licence required in Scotland as there is in England and permits for most of the river systems can be obtained from our tackle shop or at local suppliers.

Commercial fishery permits are usually obtained on site at the appropriate fishing hut or lodge or shop. In our case – at the fishing shop at the right hand side of the main reception building.

Please call the Sports Desk on 01382 350213 or contact us via our Sports Desk Enquiry Form if you would like further information or to book a round.



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