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Our Fishing Pools

When it comes to fishing for trout in Scotland, our fishing pools are among the finest, and are easily accessible from Dundee and close to fine trout fishing rivers in Angus and Tayside.

There is Rainbow Trout fishing on all four lochans within the complex including the fly fishing only Boathouse Pond with fish up to 20lbs, The Bankside Pond which is stocked with fish on average of 2.5 lbs (although there are some much larger fish in here to keep you alert!), the Burnside Pool which is stocked with fish on average of 2lbs is our entry level fly fishing pool, great sport can be had by experts and beginners, and lastly our any method Woodside Pool offers great sport with bait, fly or spinning.

There is no closed season for rainbow trout as they are not an indigenous species to the United Kingdom and they can be fished for all year round.


The Boathouse Pool is our anglers favorite pool and boasts an average stock size of 2.5lb and fish up to 20lbs being caught from time to time. The fishing pool is 1.5 acres in size with an average depth of 6 feet. There are 10 platforms a maximum of 7 anglers are allowed on the pool at any one time, which allows the flexibility of a change of position if required.
Best flies tend to be mini lures such as the green pea, yellow dancer and hot head damsels. Smaller flies such as nymphs and buzzers can work as well if the clarity is good enough. To date, the largest catch in the Boathouse pool is 23lbs 12ozs, caught by Jim Doyle (Montrose) on the 4th March 2002. He used a white bunny leech, which is the favoured pattern for catching big fish.


The Bankside Fishing Pool offers great sport with the average stock size being 2lbs, however the fishing pool record is 14lb 5oz which was caught by Mr Barlow in 2014 on a nymph. The pool has 24 fishing platforms.

Bankside Fishing Pool tends to respond to smaller flies and all variations of the illustrious damsel nymph. Bloodworm imitations and buzzers also take a lot of fish all year round. The preferred patterns tend to be dries and buzzers, sometimes both at once. A CDC shuttlecock and a black buzzer on a dropper can be fantastic, however the most popular tactic on the lochan is the washing line technique with small nymphs and a booby or fab on the point. 

The depths vary on this pond from 8ft in the bays to 18ft off the dam wall, with an average of 8ft overall.


This pool is heavily stocked with fish averaging 1.5lb with some monsters up to 15lb being caught. Buzzer fishing can be amazing on Burnside as well as some great sport to be had on dries on warm summer nights. The most popular tactics are fishing lures, such as hot dead damsels and orange blobs, on an intermediate or sinking line.

The average depth of the Burnside lochan is over 10ft.



This is our 'any legal' method fishing pool, which allows children and beginners alike to try their luck at fishing. We permit bait, fly and spinning although there is strictly no catch and release of trout on this pool for obvious reasons. The average stock size is 1lb 9ozs with the record being 8lbs 4ozs, caught by Mrs Sturton (forfar) with a worm.

Best baits are sweetcorn, Powerbait, worm and maggott although the fly is as good as any, especially in the summer evenings.


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