Kingennie Night Golf

Kingennie Night Golf

Kingennie has now launched one of Scotland's only night golf events, these sessions will take place on five of the golf course's nine holes.

Golfers will wear head torches with visibility boosted by LED lights illuminating the golf ball and flag pole, along with perimeters colour-coordinated to show green for the putting areas, red for bunkers and hazards and blue for fairways.

Your ball will illuminate upon being struck (other than with a putter) and will remain illuminated for around 6 -8 minutes.

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£10 Per Person

£12.50 For 5 holes including food


Dates available to book:

  • Wednesday 27th November
  • Thursday 12th December
  • Monday 30th December
  • Friday 17th January
  • Thursday 30th January


Rules and Guidelines:

1) For this event, only the 1st, 2nd,,3rd, 4th and 7th holes on Kingennie Golf Course have been selected for Night Golf.

2) Two light up balls will be issued per participant per game.  You lose them and your out!

3) Each ball stays lit for approximately 6 minutes after each strike.  Please try to find yours before the light goes out.

4) Each player will be issued with a torch for safety and to help you find your way around the course.  Please return these after the match. 

5) Each player will use a Plastic Mat and all shots apart from putts should be played from a mat. Please return all borrowed mats to the organiser at the end of the event.

6) Please take additional care when walking upon uneven surfaces.


8) Should your ball go out, metal plates have been positioned adjacent to the 2nd and 4th greens. Please drop your ball on the metal plate to re-illuminate.

9) Please take extra care to ensure you are aware of your surroundings before swinging any golf club.

10) Glow bands are available to help identify you, and your fellow golfers.


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